5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Audi A1 Today

Launched back in 2010 the Audi A1 has become such a popular car that it has spawned numerous limited edition versions, including one for the German team at the London 2012 Olympic Games. You don’t need to be an international athlete to own such a top level vehicle though. Here are five reasons for considering the Audi A1 for your next car.


Like most Audis there’s something for everyone as the A1 comes in a few different models. For urban exploration the 1.2 litre is best while the 1.4 adds that little bit more power. The diesel versions come with 1.6 and 2 litre engines making them that little bit nippier and meatier to handle. Since Audi introduced the A1 sportback versions in late 2011 they also come with three or five doors, depending on your needs.

Smooth Ride

Audi have built up a fantastic reputation for producing quality vehicles so it’s no surprise the A1 is a comfortable ride. Depending on which trim you choose the core qualities will vary, but only slightly. The more powerful 1.6 and 2.0 litre versions have firmer suspension and the sport versions that bit of added crunch, but still provide a relaxing ride.

There is plenty of feedback from steering and the petrol engines especially provide a quiet drive with wind noise kept out of the interior when doing motorway speeds.


In many ways the Audi A1 was created to rival the Mini, which is evident by its size. It may be slightly larger but there is more boot space than the Mini yet it still comes in at less than four metres long. The five-door has enough ease of access and space for a family of four (though five and any added pets may cause a squish).


The smallest of all the Audis yet it loses nothing on the design front. An expensive looking finish inside, including all the gadgets and mod cons you’d expect, coupled with that classic Audi shine on the outside makes the A1 pleasing on the eye. More compact, some may call it cute but smart feels like a more appropriate description.


As the smallest Audi, it’s also the cheapest and Orangewheels have all types available at discount prices. You won’t need to spend years saving for one as the Audi A1 is an affordable, appealing and all round reliable drive.

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