5 Road Rules Broken by Everyday Drivers

As everyday people go about their daily driving, they break many basic road rules in the process. This would be due to a variety of reasons which in most circumstances are explainable. If ever pulled over for breaking a road rule, people can and will come up with the most blatant excuses to try and avoid that inevitable fine. I don’t think it would ever really work and bribery today isn’t worth the risk as harsher penalties generally apply. But if road users would just abide by the basic rules, it would provide a safer environment for all motorists and innocent bystanders. So just what road rules are broken so often? Here are the top 5:

Breaking Speed Limits

Speed limits are set by the government for a reason. They are set to enforce a maximum speed allowed by a motorist in that specific area. Speed limits will adjust from area to area, street to street and will be determined by a number of factors. However, this is one of the most (if not the most) common road rules broken by everyday motorists. Penalties will apply based on how much above the speed limit you are caught travelling.


Not Stopping at Stop Signs

The rule that is enforced for stop signs is that every motorist is to stop for at least 3 seconds before proceeding. Have you ever seen anybody actually do this? Most likely not! I mean most people will slow down as they approach a stop sign and probably roll through it at a very low speed. This defeats the purpose of having a stop sign altogether. If it wasn’t important to stop at that specific corner, they would have installed a give way sign instead, so be sure to stop.

Rushing Through Yellow Lights

Green means go, red means stop and yellow is a mere indication to slow down and prepare to stop. Traffic on the road is one of the most frustrating things for many drivers and getting caught at the traffic lights is another. Combine the 2 and road rage begins. You will see many people speed or rush through yellow lights opposed to slowing down and stopping. Generally when these drivers continue they eventually run the red light.

Overloading the Car

Most cars generally consist of 4 or 5 seat belts  This means that’s the maximum amount of passengers allowed in the vehicle at any time. Too often you see cars overloaded with passengers and this is a very unsafe act. Not only is the person who doesn’t have a seat belt’s life at risk, the car becomes cluttered and may cause an accident, putting everyone’s life at risk.

Drink Driving

This is one of the most common road rules that is broken and generally includes the harshest penalties. If you are pulled over for drunk driving, don’t expect to be handled lightly. You will inherit a hefty fine and lose your license for a serious amount of time. The penalties heavily outweigh the offence and isn’t worth it. You also put every other motorist at risk if you are driving while intoxicated.

These are 5 road rules that are often broken by motorists. There are many more, however these are generally the most common.


About the author: Lance T is a eager road enthusiast based in Sydney, Australia. During his time as a everyday road user, these are the most common road rules that he has witnessed being broken. He drives around in his Mazda 6 which he purchased from one of the Mazda Sydney dealers.

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