Brilliantly Simple Ways to Sell Your Car

If you’re planning to sell your car, you may not have given much thought to how you’ll sell it. There are so many avenues open to you these days. But you need to come up with the one that best suits your circumstances. Here are some of the most simple and effective ways you can sell your car.


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The simplest and quickest way to sell your vehicle is going to be to sell direct to a dealership. This gets the process over and done with straight away and sees you with money in your pocket. Most dealerships will take any used cars but make sure yours is in good condition before you sell it. Some dealers will also offer part-exchange deals. These allow you to take the price of your used car and put it towards a new car. This doesn’t have to mean brand new, just new to you. The exchange idea is a useful one, especially if the dealership has a car you planned on getting next. The only drawback to selling direct to a dealer is that you may not get the sort of price you’re hoping for.




Another option could be to sell your car online. There are a number of websites or online facilities that allow you to advertise and sell your vehicle. There are many online dealerships such as Thames Motor Group that will allow you to sell to them in a similar way to a physical sale. But then there are online marketplaces such as eBay and Gumtree where you can sell to people in the local area. These types of sites are popular and reliable. You should have no problems finding buyers via the internet. The other advantage of online marketplaces is that you can set the rules and fix the pricing to suit you.




Another option you could take to sell your car would be to sell privately. This is often selling direct to someone. But more often than not a private sale will be to a friend, colleague or family member. Now, you may not be the kind of person who likes to do business with friends or family. Some people like to, and some don’t. People feel like it can get awkward when dealing with finances. Also, if the car breaks down after you sell it to them, this could be a source of friction. But if you can do so, a sale to a friend or family member is the way to go. It keeps things familiar, you know the car is going to a good home, and there are no trust issues.


Car Buying Websites


Another alternative to the online sales would be to sell to a car buying website. These are websites dedicated to buying used cars. Sites such as We Buy Any Car are perfect for this sort of sale. It’s quick and easy to use. You will get a quote straight away based on the age, model and condition of your vehicle. You may often find as well that the prices you get are much better than what you’d get selling to a dealer direct. There are also a lot of these sites and physical branches dotted around the country. You may not even have to go out as sometimes they’ll come to you.


Sell For Parts


Another option you might have for selling is to sell your car to a local garage for parts. This is often considered to be a last resort option. If your car is broken down or old and unattractive, you might struggle to sell it. But almost all garages will buy a car for parts. They’re always looking for parts and will be happy to get them from you as they may work out cheaper than other methods.


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