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Changes Coming To The 2020 F1 Season

After postponements and delays caused by the coronavirus it seems that motorsport has finally found its way back to us – there are bound to be a huge number of changes that fans will see with aspects that may not directly relate to the competition of the driving such as broadcasting, but it will no doubt all be an adjustment period whilst these events continue without any fans in attendance. The return of the queen of motorsports is great news for betting fans too as pundits can find non gamstop betting sites at The Best Casinos who are already preparing for the updated race schedule – but what changes can fans expect within the cars and teams themselves?


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Shark fins are back – A small change to the design of the cars is back as shark fins have been reintroduced to the rear of the car. Although they had previously been banned because of how teams were modifying them to add wings and other drag and downforce features, they’re now back to allow for more space on the livery to display card numbers and make the drivers more identifiable.


Changes to testing times – In an effort to close the gap between the top teams and the bottom teams, changes have been made to how much teams can test prior to a race – other factors for the change have been attributed to reducing environmental impact and costs. This change goes hand in hand without other future changes such as wind tunnel allowance and total spend cap on development, and when all is said and done should lead to a more competitive racing environment across the board.


Fuel flow limits – A bit of a controversial topic has finally been addressed with this rule set change – there had been the thought that Ferrari had been doing something a little underhanded to squeak out some extra power with how they had managed their fueling, this has been addressed by the requirement of a fuel flow sensor as well as other changes to adjust how much fuel can be held anywhere in the car at one time.


Reverse grid race proposal – One of the most recent changes that have been mentioned now that organisers are looking passed the coronavirus pandemic can be found within a reverse grid layout – this has been met with a bit of protest from drivers as it may dramatically impact qualifying, but a change here could add a lot of excitement to the grid that has been missing in recent years – for now the idea has been dropped, but given that it has received a nod at the start of the season could mean we possible see it later on.


Some of the changes made have been adjusted or reverted given that there hasn’t been enough time for many teams to prepare, but it’s expected heading in to the 2021 season many of these rule changes will be strictly enforced by the FIA as what may have been a testing period has gone by, and is unlikely to see future changes pushed back.



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