Cheap Mercedes-Benz Insurance: An Expert Guide To Seeking The Best Deals

You might think that the sentence “cheap Mercedes-Benz insurance” is some kind of an oxymoron. The reality is that many of the German carmaker’s models offer reasonable insurance premiums. You just need to know how and where to achieve this goal!

We all know that car insurance prices are higher than they were say five years ago. But the good news is that it is still possible to get cheap insurance. And yes – even for a Mercedes-Benz car too!


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Are you thinking of buying a Mercedes-Benz but are put off by the prospect of high insurance costs? Well, fret no more, my friend. If you keep reading this blog post, you will learn more about the secrets to getting affordable insurance for your future Merc!

Don’t buy an expensive or exotic model

I know that I am stating the obvious here. But if you buy one of the German firm’s more expensive or exotic models on offer, you are bound to have high insurance costs!

One of the facts that insurance companies take into account is the value of the car that’s getting insured. A car that is worth $30,000 will have cheaper insurance than one that’s worth $500,000.

You might have your sights set on a high-end model. But if you can’t afford to insure it, you probably can’t afford to maintain it either. So do yourself a favor and stick with a model that you can afford to insure – and maintain!

Consider a used model

Imagine you got insurance quotes on two identical cars, except one is a couple of years old whereas the other is brand new. You might think the insurance premiums for both cars would be roughly similar, right? Wrong!

Used cars are always cheaper to insure than new ones because they have a lower value. If you smash your car up in an auto accident, it’s often cheaper to replace rather than repair an older car.

Because of those facts, used cars are always a better bet from an insurance point of view. Websites like www.motorlinedirect.co.uk always have quality used Mercs for sale. So you don’t have to worry about a shortage of used models to choose from.

Get multiple insurance quotes

One of the biggest mistakes you could ever make is to stick with your existing insurance company out of loyalty. I’ll let you in on a little secret: they don’t care if you are loyal or not!

Insurance companies make their money by risk assessment. Last year your insurance premium might have been good, but this year’s might be more. And despite your not having made any claims!

The good news is that insurers assess risk in different ways. That means you can find an insurance company that will give you a decent quote without sacrificing the cover you need.

One way to save time getting multiple insurance quotes is to use comparison websites like insurance.com. You just fill in one form, and the site gets the quotes for you. Pretty easy, huh?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading today’s article, and that you’ve found it useful. See you soon!

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