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Five Tips to Increase Your Car’s Fuel Economy

The cost of fuel is increasing. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to preserve fuel. Below are five tips that will help you maximize your fuel economy:


Drive Slower


This is perhaps one of the simplest things that you can do to preserve fuel. It is very tempting to drive 95 KPH when you are in a rush, but you will be able to save a lot of money in the long run if you can decrease your speed to 85 KPH. If you find that you are always in the hurry to get somewhere, then you may want to consider leaving the house a couple of minutes earlier.


Turn Off Your Vehicle


As long as the car is running, it will use fuel. That is why you should turn off your vehicle if you know that you will be waiting for a long time. Even if you only turn off the vehicle for a minute, it will still make a major difference in the long run.

Drive With Care


Speeding, sudden braking and rapid acceleration all decrease your fuel economy by up to 33 percent. These activities are also very dangerous and can increase your chances of getting involved in a car wreck. For that reason, you should drive cautiously at all times.


Combine Several Trips Into One


Do you have to make frequent trips throughout the day? If so, then you are most likely using a lot of fuel. In fact, taking several short trips can use twice as much fuel as taking one long trip. That is why you should try to combine several short trips into one.

Maintain Your Vehicle


A vehicle that is not properly maintained will use a lot more fuel. You should make sure that your tires are inflated. This can increase your fuel economy by up to 3.3 percent. You may also want to consider getting your air filter replaced the next time that you get your oil changed. You can save 10 percent on fuel costs if you get a dirty air filter replaced. Additionally, regular tune-ups can help increase your fuel economy by to four percent.

Furthermore, you may want to consider cleaning out your trunk. Excess weight is another thing decreases your fuel economy.

Fuel is expensive, but you can save money if you choose to drive a little bit slower and turn off your vehicle when sitting for a long period of time. Driving with care, combining one trip into one and maintaining your vehicle will also help improve your fuel economy.


Author Bio 

Greg is an instructor at a driving school in Brisbane who is an active blogger on auto related topics. He put together this list of useful tips for increasing your cars fuel economy after implementing them in his own business.

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