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How to Reduce the Risk of Road Traffic Accidents

There are many risks that are present during all journeys we make in our cars and vehicles. These risks can result in fatalities, serious injuries and expensive damage, often resulting in road traffic accident claims being made. While making claims is now easier than ever before, they are also an experience most people would like to avoid.

Safe driving and sensible car maintenance will help to reduce the risks of having a road accident, along with the following four safety tips below. If you do have an accident, contact http://shireslaw.com/types-of-claims/road-traffic-accidents for help and advice.

Make Sure You’re Visible

You’re less likely to be hit if you can be easily seen. Therefore it makes sense to ensure you are visible when you’re on the road. Don’t stay along the side of trucks or vans or the driver won’t be able to see you. Make sure you get yourself in a safe and visible position and one that will allow you to make the right decisions, on time. Blind spots cause hundreds of road accidents during manoeuvres.

Park in a Safe Position

Parked cars are frequently hit, park in a position that will prevent your vehicle being damaged. The best place to park is away from areas of activity and other vehicles if possible. Again, moving into a parking position or manoeuvring and reversing out of the parking position also puts you at risk. Reversing into parking spaces gives you a few advantages over driving straight on into a space. By reversing into a parking space makes it easier to avoid an accident when you get back in and start it up. However, in general it’s worth knowing that reversing is more dangerous as it does mean reduced vision.

Keep Your Car in Good Condition

Take the time to have your vehicle serviced on a regular basis. A serviced car is less prone to breakdowns and reduces the risks of having accidents caused by faults with the car. A regularly serviced car will also reduce the chances of you harming others along with yourself. Keep the fuel topped up on every journey, check the lights on the vehicle and avoid damaging the engine by keeping the oil at the right level. Check the electrics, the battery, electric windows, fans and any other electrical features as they will become worse if you ignore any problems.

Finally, ensure the rubber tyres are in good condition. Tyres that are underinflated risk blowing out when driving at high speeds. Check the tyres and keep them within the legal tread limit. Worn out tyres also reduce the effectiveness and response time of your vehicle, especially in wet weather, as well as being illegal.

Don’t Get Lazy

When you drive along the same roads on a daily basis, many drivers become complacent. Complacency leads to accidents as attention isn’t given to the roads or the other drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists or pedestrians. Always concentrate and avoid distractions in the vehicle. Pay attention to the signs and the painted markings on the road and never assume the road will be safe.

Image source: AaronPictures/pixabay.com


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