Just Passed Your Test? Here’s How To Choose Your First Car

Congratulations! Welcome to a world of freedom and exploration. We remember the feeling well; a huge weight is lifted when you pass your test. The world is yours for the taking and you can go anywhere you please. There’s only one small problem. Yep, you don’t have a car! That’s where we come in. Today we’re going to share some secrets with you about buying your first car. So, before you go racing off to the dealership, take a good look at the advice here. Prepare yourself for everything involved in buying a car and choose wisely.



Buy a used model

We know the pull of a brand new, shiny car is strong. But, as a new driver, it’s simply not worth the money. At the same time, you certainly don’t want an old banger! You’ll spend a fortune just to keep it running. There is a middle ground and you’ll find it at dealers like The best car for you is two or three years old. That way it still has most of the reliability and health of a new car. You’ll just cut out the devastating depreciation stage.

Consider the insurance

Again, before you make a snap decision on the car you love, get an insurance quote on that model. Unfortunately, as a new driver, your insurance premium will already be quite high. New drivers are considered a higher risk than experienced road users. If you’re young, this will be even higher. There’s not much you can do about your age! But, you can choose your car wisely. Safe, small cars with good mileage tend to cost less when it comes to insurance. Shop around and find a car in a low insurance bracket.

Look for good handling and safety features

For the first few months you’ll still be finding your feet as a driver. It’s a good idea to make sure your new car handles like a dream and has built in safety features. Look for stability control and traction control when browsing. These give the car better handling and they are more responsive on the road. It will help boost your confidence.

Look for reliability

The last thing you want as a new driver is to spend all of your time at the repairs garage. Cars are expensive enough without weekly trips to the garage. Spend a little more to get a good reliable car and make sure it is still covered by the factory warranty.

Learn your regular maintenance

Finally, we’ve got one last essential tip for you. Brush up on your general car maintenance skills! You’ll save a ton of money if you know how to keep your oil healthy. Make sure your tyres are at the correct pressure and keep your fluids topped up. Trust us, this is really simple stuff and it’ll help keep your car running smoothly.

If you’ve made it to the end of this article you’re ready to hit the dealership. Your whole driving life is ahead of you. It’s an exciting time, so enjoy every second!

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