The Current Electric Vehicles Challenges

Electric vehicles, ever since the launch in United States have been facing a lot of struggle crossing a decent sales mark. However, the year 2013 shows a very good improvement over 2012, indicating that the adoption of these cars may just be a matter of time. This statement is more motivated by the fact that in spite of the sales being not so great, every big car manufacturer has been into the making of the electric vehicle currently, namely Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota etc. At one hand, the ray of hope develops that the electric cars must be more than what is being seen under current perception, on the other hand the delay by the car owners to show acceptance towards these cars raises the apprehension.

A few points wrap up the current challenges these electric vehicles face, while the owners prepare themselves to get motivated by the electric charging benefits:

Electric Vehicles

Huge Initial Cost:

This is the prime factor, and in many cases the sole factor that holds one back from buying the electric car. The initial costs of the cars are too huge. With the fuel savings into consideration, an average electric car costs more than double when compared to its gasoline counterpart with the same features. The Government has announced very high subsidies and the banks are granting loans to own the electric vehicles that should have given a boost to the sales numbers, but unfortunately, nothing works too well as the down payment needed to be shed from the pocket is much too high.

The Consumer Behaviour:

The benefits of an electric car are well known. One need not delve much deep into technology to understand that these cars are emission free, environment friendly, quiet to drive and overall ‘cool’. But this cool quotient lags behind since the Economics suggest that the consumer behaviour in automobile industry has been consistent since many generations. One does not mind continuing the ritual of buying, owning and fuelling the car, even when the gas concerns are gaining grounds worldwide. The money matters. That is where these vehicles are lagging behind.

Range Anxiety:

What if my electric vehicle suddenly shows a flat battery on the road?

The facts show that the batteries are very efficient and a fully charged battery is capable to finish the anticipated journey with an excellent mileage. The anxiety related to ifs and buts still exists. There are not many plug-in installations for these vehicles. The hybrid options rule this apprehension out with the fuelling option present, but somehow the costs of such cars keep those models with a minority of the owners. Speaking of the pure electric ones owned by a relatively higher percentage, the range anxiety is taking time to be dismissed.

The good news is that the companies working on energy conservation and energy generation are diving in to provide the plug-in stations at the reachable ranges throughout United States. It is not difficult to understand that such an effort may be a matter of time. But how much time, cannot be depicted at the moment.

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