Three Superb Used Mercedes for Every Budget

Mercedes is a car manufacturer synonymous with quality. They currently have one of the most successful Formula One teams in the world. If that doesn’t make you want one then nothing will. The range of automobiles they produce stretches from high-end luxury vehicles to family cars, so whatever you’re searching for in a vehicle (unless it’s a tractor) Mercedes are likely to possess it.

There are thousands of used Mercedes vehicles available through AA Cars and to help you pick the one for you here’s a collection of the best options whether you’re working on a shoestring budget or have money to burn.

Saving the Pennies: Mercedes SL 350 AMG Sport

A fine looking convertible, the SL 350 AMG Sport will stop you in your tracks on looks alone. 19-inch alloy wheels, a strong body and sporty exterior make it the ultimate street machine on appearance. Get behind the wheel and this is thankfully reinforced with 0-60mph in under six seconds, a beastly 3.5 litre engine and top speed of 155 mph.

Brand new the car is around the £70,000 mark but older models (usually over eight years old) can be snapped up for under £10,000 now. An absolute steal for a vehicle of this calibre.

Playing It Safe: Mercedes C Class C250

Similar to the S-class on its outside appearance, inside and underneath it’s a whole different picture. The aluminium-intensive structure makes it a whole lot lighter and therefore more efficient to drive, while in the cabin it has been totally redesigned and is far more elegant than the S-class. The entire tech has been vastly improved too, including the GPS system’s ability to detect upcoming tunnels and switch the air-conditioning accordingly.

Only released in 2013 and with a starting price of over £30,000 means there aren’t many available with massive discounts but it’s not breaking the bank either.

Splashing Out: Mercedes SL63 AMG

If you’ve got plenty in your pocket and want to show it, then the SL63 AMG is perfect. This meaty convertible now comes with added power and plenty of other fine tunings from its previous incarnations to make it worth the extra expense. 0-60 in just over four seconds, a luxurious leather interior and the thrill of controlling such a dominant vehicle make it easy to understand its excessive price tag.

Costing just over £100,000 new, finding one for double figures can be tricky but they are out there.

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