Top 5 Hands-Off Car Care Tips

Top 5 Hands-Off Car Care TipsTaking good care of your car does not always mean having grease filled fingernails, bloody knuckles and oily footprints on your new carpets. There are many ways to keep your car healthy while keeping your hands clean as well. Here are few tips that will help you with that.

Start slow

There is a good chance that you have heard that it is better to warm up your engine in the morning. However, many people tend to misinterpret this rule. After you start your car, give it few seconds to wake up. Then, once you hit the road, try to keep below 3,000 RPMs for few minutes to let the engine warm up. This will make sure that the engine is properly lubricated when you start to get going.

Turn down the volume of your radio

If you are always listening to loud music or talk shows while driving, you will not be able to spot new sounds that might warn you that something is not right. If you cannot turn off the radio, listen to it on low volume at least once a week and pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from your car. Also try to identify the manner of the sound as it will make it easy for you to describe it to your mechanic without poorly parroting it. You can use words such as growling, grinding, screeching, whining, thumping and squealing.

Change is good

Break oil and engine oil are not the only automotive fluids that should be replaced regularly. The best thing to do is to check your car’s manual for the frequency of oil changes. Here is a list of lubricants and fluids that should usually be replaced over time. Coolant, differential oil (for rear-wheel-drive cars), transmission fluid (along with the filter), power-steering oil and transfer case oil (for 4 wheel vehicles). Keep in mind that regular oil changes are the best investment toward the longevity of your engine.

Use your nose

The olfactory sense you have is one of the best ways of discovering problems with your car before they become expensive. Almost any smell other than the smell of your air freshener means that there might be a problem. As an example, if there is a sweet odour, most probably it is antifreeze, which would indicate that either one of the radiator hoses are about to burst or that the water pump is failing. In case the odour is noticed inside your car, the issue might be in the heater core.

Examine the parking place

Check the place that you park your car overnight. The only liquid that you should find there is water, which might sometimes drip from the air-conditioner of the car. Anything else is a sign that there is a problem with your car. Here are few things you might see: automatic transmission fluid – Pink or light red fluid. Coolant – greenish fluid (an attractive poison to children and animals). If you find a milky fluid it means that coolant is mixing with either transmission fluid or engine oil. If you find any of there in under the car, visit your mechanic immediately.

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