Top VWs for Motoring Enthusiasts

Volkswagen has made some amazing cars and reliable car parts over the years. It hit a rocky patch last year following the emissions testing scandal, but true blue motoring fans won’t let that hiccup prevent them from pursuing a new VW. Yes, if you are a Volkswagen fan, there is a lot to love about the wide range of models, old and new, and their various VW parts upgrades available to beef up and customize how you like your car best. Here is our guide to the best Volkswagen automobiles out there, from the easiest to maintain (user-friendly VW parts), to the models that offer the finest driving experience.

VW Golf

The VW Golf is a classic car. The Golf remains one of the best-selling cars in the VW stable. The classic Golf is now in its seventh incarnation and Volkswagen sells more Golfs than any other vehicle in their range.

There is a VW Golf built with different engine parts for everyone, from 1.0-litre petrol-engine models to 2.0-litremodels with diesel engine parts. The Golf first hit the market back in the 1970s and since then, it has hardly ever been off the Top Car lists. Golfs are economical, fun to drive, and the Golf’s parts are relatively easy to maintain or even upgrade for more performance or durability.

They are also relatively cheap to maintain, with VW OEM or aftermarket VW performance parts widely available from online retailers. If your old Golf GTI develops a leak in the cooling system and needs new hoses or worse, a radiator, you can pick up the spareVW parts needed and work on it at home.

The Golf GTIis a Golf souped up with VW performance parts, and is one of the most popular hatchbacks ever with millions of young drivers earning their stripes in a Golf GTI. Volkswagen hasrecently given the Golf a style overhaul in 2017, so a long public favorite is likely to stay atop. This year’s redesign has allowed easier access to affordable quality VW parts for your older-model Golf GTI than ever before.

VW Passat

The VW Passat is a classic family car. Passat models are larger than the Golf, so they suit families and some fleet drivers. When Volkswagen first launched the Passat model line, they became a leader in its class, competing against the then-iconic Ford Mondeo and Vauxhall Insignia; and since then, nothing has changed.

Today, VW is happily marketing its classic Passat right at the heart of the large family car market. Their target customer is someone who wants a quality car, prefers not to pay BMW or Mercedes maintenance prices, and wants something built with reliable electronics and durable car parts. TheVW parts and labor costs are about ½ of what you’d pay for a BMW or Mercedes repair; especially fora major part or system, such as a head gasket or exhaust manifold

Over 20 million Passats have been sold since Volkswagen first launched its flagship family car. The Passat can’t quite hit the mark of a Mercedes E-series or BMW 5-series, but it drives superbly refined and is competitively priced.

VW Touareg

If you are after a midsize SUV, the VW Touareg is a great vehicle. It is comfortable and luxurious, and for those with one eye on the purse, it’s a lot cheaper than a Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5. This Volkswagen’s interior parts and accessories are made with high quality craftsmanship and the V6 TDI Diesel engine offers exceptional performance. Speaking of performance… the VW Touaregoffers many parts upgrades to boost engine power, torque and handling.

The only big downside is that there is no seven-seater option of VW’sTouaregline, which is a shame for large family units.

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