Why It Pays To Learn To Drive When You’re Older

As a teenager, one of the things you look forward to in life is passing your driving tests. Having the freedom to go wherever you want and at any time is perhaps a major milestone in one’s life. But did you know that many teenagers don’t pass their driving tests the first time – if at all?

Check out the licensing statistics in any country. You will find that older adult drivers are far more likely to pass than younger teenage ones.

In fact, there is a whole host of reasons why it pays to learn to drive and pass your tests when you’re older! Intrigued? Keep reading to find out what those reasons are!


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You’ll feel more confident

It’s no secret that you gain more confidence in life as you become more experienced in dealing with different situations. As a young motorist, it can sometimes be a terrifying experience when you have to think about several different things at once.

And because you are in charge of a motor vehicle, you could end up making catastrophic errors if you make the wrong decisions on the road! As an adult driver, you will have more confidence on the road. That means you will be better placed to make the right judgements.

One thing that teenage learners struggle with is peer pressure. Their friends will always tell them how they “should” be driving. Of course, when they put those “tips” into practice, they will more often than not end up failing their driving tests!

The good news is that you don’t succumb to such things as an adult. You’re able to block out what other people say and listen to the one person that matters in this whole experience. I am, of course, talking about your driving instructor!

You can buy any car you want

As a teenager, you can only afford to buy an old, possibly unroadworthy car as your first vehicle. But when you’re an adult approaching your 30s or 40s, you have the means to purchase any car you want!

You can buy with confidence here in your latter years because you have the choice of paying by cash or getting finance. But as a teenager, you will seldom have the income at your disposal to make such decisions.

Insurance will be cheaper

It’s a well-known fact that car insurance is astronomical to anyone under the age of 25. That’s because insurance companies claim that younger drivers make more claims than adults. Some folks might dispute such claims.

But, you can use that fact to your advantage as an adult! Car insurance premiums are cheaper for the over-25s. You don’t have to restrict yourself to small city cars or those with engines that are frugal and powerless.

You’ll save on costs

Because you’re leaving learning to drive until you are older, you save thousands on motoring costs! Granted you will have to use public transport or get lifts from people in the meantime. But you can save up some money until you’re ready. That way, you can afford to pass your driving tests and buy the car of your dreams.

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