You CAN Afford Your Dream Car. Here’s How



We all have that one dream car in mind. The one you stare at as your drive past the dealership. The one you daydream about during boring meetings and the one you wish you were in during traffic jams. It’s often one of the classics. It might be a Porsche, a Jaguar or a Mercedes Benz.

Whatever the make and model, they’re often out of our price range. We resign ourselves to the fact that we’ll never own one. We’re here today to tell you that it is possible! If you want something enough, there’s a way to make it happen. And when it comes to cars, we really know our stuff. If you thought your dream car was out of budget, think again. Here’s how you can afford just about any car you want.

Buy it secondhand – First of all, forget about the brand new models. Sure, they’re shiny and beautiful and fresh off the production line. But they’re also wildly expensive. The thing about luxury cars is that they depreciate at an astronomical rate. They fall fast and hard when it comes to resale value. That’s because the demand is low and they’re quickly outdated. As a used car buyer, you can take advantage of this. The used car market is surprisingly affordable for luxury cars. Click here for more information and an idea of prices.

Negotiate – There is always a deal to be struck at the showroom. Dealers want to make the sale and they will invariably move on the price if asked. It’s worth pursuing a lower price and seeing where you end up. Successful hagglers can negotiate up to 15% off the sticker price. Haggling doesn’t come easily to everyone, but all you can do is ask. Most buyers who negotiate will see some discount.

Buy a fixer upper – There’s nothing better than taking an old classic and breathing new life into it. It’s a great way to get behind the wheel of your dream car too. You can pick up a bargain Porsche or Jag for example that needs a little work. Sellers are keen to get rid of a faulty car. You can take advantage and buy it cheap. A little care and attention will bring it back to life in no time. Restoring an old car is a fun hobby too! Car enthusiasts will love it.

Lease it instead – Most of us can’t afford to buy a brand new Porsche. But a lot of us could afford the lease price. Leasing is essentially a long term hire or rent of a car. You’ll pay monthly payments for a period of 3-5 years and then hand the car back. It usually works out much cheaper than buying. It could instantly bring your dream car into budget.

Save – Sometimes, there is no easy route. You’ll just have to dig deep and start saving! When you have a dream car in mind, saving becomes a much easier task. You’ll happily put money away knowing you’ll soon have a Jaguar on the driveway.

No car is out of budget if you’re smart about it. Be prepared to buy second hand and even put in some elbow grease to bring it back to life. It will be worth it, trust us. Best of luck!

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